Beneath her softly spoken front lies a fierceness, combined with quirky sensuality. From grounded and tough, to kooky and bouncy, Melissa is a multifaceted actor based in Sydney, Australia.


Her primary acting training was completed at The Australian Film and Television Academy (TAFTA) and The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) Open Program.


Her passion for cinema began at a young age, watching countless films from her father's collection and inheriting his affinity for Westerns and War films. She later developed a particular interest in the Horror genre, and her most recent passion is supporting films directed by women. Her dream job would be acting in an Australian cult classic or arthouse film.

She has worked extensively, appearing in numerous short films. She has been described as a reliable, composed actress, with an attention to detail and a pleasure to work with. For a detailed list of projects Melissa has worked on, see Resume.

Melissa has also assisted the SmartFone Flick Fest, was a Social Media Intern with the inaugural Short+Sweet Film Festival and The HubStudio in Sydney.

Member of MEAA and AFI / AACTA

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